SSSA Soaring Society of South Africa - ARO003
SAMAA South African Model Aircraft Association - ARO010

BAFSA Balloon & Airship Federation of South Africa - ARO001
Easyplan Flight Planning Software

ACSA Airports Company of South Africa
ATNS Air Traffic and Navigation Services

PASA Parachute Association of South Africa - ARO004
SAC Sports Aerobatic Club of South Africa - ARO002

SAGPA South African Gyroplane Association - ARO008
EAA Experimental Aircraft Association South Africa - ARO009

The Aero Club of South Africa
SAPFA South African Power Flying Association - ARO006

MISASA Microlight & Light Sport Aeroplane Association of South Africa - ARO007
SACAA South African Civil Aviation Authority

SAHPA South African Hang & Paragliding Association - ARO005
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